mass memorial requests


We are pleased to offer several ways to remember family and friends through Mass Intentions, Mass In Memorum Cards, and Mass In Memorum Books.

Mass Intentions 

  • Intention read at Sunday Mass
  • You select Sunday Mass time
  • We will contact you with Mass date, may be up to four weeks out
  • Offering: $10.00

Mass in Memorum Cards (see card front)  (see card indisde)

  • Mass in Memorum Card names are read at Sunday Mass
  • Mass in Memorum Card Mailed to recipient
  • Offering: $10.00

Mass in Memorum Books (see book front)  (see book indisde)

  • Mass in Memorum Book names are read at Sunday Mass
  • Mass in Memorum Book Mailed to recipient
  • Select from Red or Blue Book
  • Select Image from Our Lady, Gethsemane, Sacred Heart, or  Pieta
  • Offering $18.00

Please select the Memorial from the below options, then click on the ‘Click Here to Select Option’ box. Thank You.

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